TCN meets Commissioner General of the His Majesty Correctional Services of Swaziland

The Managing Director of The Christian News Pastor Ambani travelled to Swaziland on the 6th of September upon invitation by his associate Apostle Celumusa Mngometulu and during his visit to the land, Pastor Ambani had the privilege to meet the Commissioner General of the His Majesty Correctional Services of Swaziland Mr Isaiah Mzuthini Ntshangase and further visited the Correctional Services Centers.

The Correctional Services of Swaziland have amazing programs to rehabilitate the inmates and this is because in 1995 The His Majesty Correctional Services were changed from being prisons to being rehabilitative correctional services by the King of Swaziland. In 2008 the King appointed the Commissioner General to be an acting Commissioner General of the Correctional Services which has 14 centers in the Swaziland Kingdom where they keep the inmates. In the following year 2009 the King sworn the now Commissioner General Isaiah Mzuthini Ntshangase to be the official Commissioner General of the Swaziland Correctional Services.

The Commissioner General upon his appointment took up great courage and leadership to transform the staff regime, he hired professionals to join the dynamic team of the His Majesty Correctional Services, the professionals include teachers, psychologists, chaplains and many other professionals.

The Commissioner General as part of his service in his office opened a school called Vula Masango Combined school, the school is opened to the community and is compulsory for the inmates to attend. The Vula Masango School has become the best school in the land though it consists of inmate students and community members, the Commissioner General believes that having the community members attend the same school as inmates is the best way to integrate the inmates back to the community.The school has more than 500 students, over 50 teachers and some of the students comprise of the officers’ children.

The Centers hold compulsory prayer services because The Commissioner General believes that it is God who can transform a person inwardly and outwardly hence he has made prayer services compulsory in all 14 centers and the school, Jesus then remains in the center of all their activities and programs.

The Centers offer vocational( technical training) such including carpentry, tailoring, plumbing and farming, the inmates tend the farm and further feed from it,they do not receive food handouts from the government.

Their work is published through various media including the Voice of the Church, the Channel Swazi TV and the local newspapers.

The Correctional Services has Outreach programs where the inmates go out into the community to build houses for the elderly, help out at Orphanages and Elderly homes, they also have women empowerment programs and part of it is having the centers run by women i.e putting them in leadership positions. The centers have health services catering to the inmates and are also available to the staff at the centers.

The Commissioner General Mr Isaiah Mzuthini Ntshangase is a visionary and a leader of our time who through his commitment to his service as the Commissioner General is doing all he can to bring change to his his land-Swaziland, he does this despite all the challenges that he encounters along the way.

The Christian News asked the Commissioner General what else could be done to further the great work and he said the work they are currently doing could grow tremendously if they received an increment in their budget, and he would also appreciate the help of churches and social partners. Furthermore the Commissioner General is opened to other great initiatives that will see better the lives of the inmates and the community at large.

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