BLUES, We Are All Concerned

BLUES is authored by 25 year old Masters Student Katucia Moussongo Bitsaka about things we go through everyday life, which upset our existence. It’s about learning to overcome life’s tragedies, which nobody is immune to.

It is said of that :Blues is your story. Blues is my story. It is about things we go through in everyday life that upset our existence. We are all concerned and we all go through it.
A few aspects of this story are real, but most of it is based on imagination and fiction.


It is a book that will show you that you are not alone in your battles, that The Devil will try hard to break you, but let us look to the one who has power over all; the one who made all by himself and for himself with authority over the visible and invisible. BLUES will be launched on the 7th of September 2017,at the Vaal University, look out for the details about the launch.

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