The Christian News Reveals the Unseen

By Aphiwe Given Bunjwa

He was forced to stay in the streets when sister moved to Mpumalanga. Thabani Dube (27) is a guitarist and soul artist performing in the streets.

“Five years to come, I want to have my own Art centre. It will be for the children in the street, because I know there are no opportunities there.”– Thabani Dube.

In the heart of Johannesburg, The Christian News has realised fresh talent from Thabani Dube and recognised him as the next big South African artist.

Growing up with love for art, Thabani started doing a duo stand-up comedy with a friend (Mtshana no Malume) but were separated in 2014 by different pursuits in life.

After parting with his friend, he had to find options to make money. Failure of paying rent resulted to him moving to the street which is now his current home.

“I learnt to play guitar with the motive to mix it with my comedy profession, another friend of mine in the street told me that music needs its own time, so mixing it with comedy will be hard but I believe in my dream and believe that I will have the opportunity to do what I want with my art.” Thabani said.

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