Secrets Of Speaking Your Biggest Secret

By Aphiwe Given Bunjwa

From labelled ‘bad English’ from her school teacher to best book sellers. Lisa Nichols from the United States (Los Angeles) spoke to us about how she overcame all odds.

At the Birthing of Devine feminine Conference in Sandton Convention Centre, the CEO of Motivating the Masses told us what motivates her to becoming a speaker, writer, teacher and a coach.

The six time best – selling author and world – renowned speaker and the Motivating the Masses team for three transformational, power – packed days. Lisa Nichols has a latest book titled ‘Abundance now-Amplify your life & achieve prosperity today’.

She was a guest speaker at the BIRTHING OF THE DIVINE FEMININE CONFERENCE 2017, she spoke to us about her family being a great influence growing up.

“I was never in a bad state when I was growing up, the family was united.” Nichols said. “At some point, going through a rough path, I had suicidal thoughts.

“I never wanted to die, I just wanted the pain to stop.” She said.

She continued saying that the pain was caused by low self-esteem. “It was pain of shame, C student and teacher said I should never speak in public.”

She never told anyone about what she was going through, until her first book No matter what. Which, she wrote one chapter tearful because she never wanted her secrets known.

This helped her become the inspiration she is today, she concluded with inspiring words. “I know that the greatest version of yourself is being born in this moment, I know that your past experiences don’t determine your future.

“And that doubt, fear, worry and anger are real. But so is joy. Your job is to wake up one more time, when you stand on your own no one can define you.” She said.

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