The bible says that wisdom is more precious than rubies and that nothing we desire can compare with her, the word also says in Proverbs 8:18 that wisdom possesses riches and honour, enduring wealth and prosperity. Wisdom is amongst the 7 spirits of God(see Isaiah 11:2) and according to Ecclesiastes 10:10 (nkjv) wisdom brings success, now it is evident that we need the wisdom of God to get anywhere in life, today may you ask God to grant you wisdom, Paul in Ephesians 1: 15-17 prays for the Ephesus church for God to grant them wisdom and also James 1:5 says “if anyone lacks wisdom they should pray to God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to you” so if you feel like you haven’t been making wise decisions lately, speak to the Holy Spirit in you to impart wisdom to you.
Our daily lives require us to apply reason and counsel and that we can only do through God’s wisdom, wisdom is beyond knowing what to do and doing it, it is an ornament of grace, it sets you apart because it is the Spirit of God functioning in your life. Joseph was distinguished amongst the people he was with because of God’s wisdom upon his life. The Lord Jesus in Matthew 7:24 likens a man who hears His words and puts them to practise to a wise builder whose house will not fall when the winds come, this then shows that being wise is being a doer of the word.
Wisdom has a character which can be found in James 3:17-18 therefore, examine your life to see if you have been operating with the wisdom of God and begin to grow in it as the Lord Jesus grew in wisdom and stature( see Luke 2:52). May you grow and operate by the wisdom of God today.

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