Police Release Identikits of Suspects Who Attacked Woman While Praying

Police have released an identikit of the three men who raped and attacked a woman while she was praying on Table Mountain, three months ago.

The woman, who cannot be named, regularly went up the mountain to spend time with God- away from the city noise.

Police have released an identikit of two of the suspects. Both are believed to be around 35 years old.

“She has gone there many times before to pray. A lot of people go to the mountain to pray‚ it’s away from everything‚” said lead investigator, Captain CJ van Romburgh.

Van Romburgh said it took time to compile an identikit because the victim was still traumatised.

Police have asked anyone with information to contact Captain van Romburgh at 082 522 1083 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.

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