The False Doctrine of Spiritual Fathers

Written By: Apostle Yamkela Mgcuwe
Spirit Freedom Ministries

Sometimes I see ministers approaching and asking for me to be their spiritual father. I have also seen some prophets inviting people to submit under them so they can mentor them as spiritual father and son relationship.

Many of the upcoming prophets lack the foundation of the doctrine of the apostles and many times are confused. I don’t know which spirit can inspire you to call people for yourself so that you can be their father; I’ve never accepted anyone who asks me to be their spiritual father. I Believe that spiritual things are too sacred to be made casual, and in life- you can have many mentors and a father in the Lord (The person who led you to Christ). Some don’t even know the message entrusted to you by the Lord but they just submit wherever there’s an opportunity.

You can have many inspirations among other ministers but that doesn’t make them your father. Some people even pride themselves that they only listen to their ‘spiritual fathers’ and don’t listen to other man of God, that’s an error! God is not speaking through your spiritual father in the world, there are things that you’ll never hear from your mentor which you can hear from other men of God. Only spiritual babies listen to their pastors only, we have one voice but many vessels. The Holy Spirit is the only voice, your spiritual father is not the only channel!

The truth is that many of these are not really looking for sons or mentors but they are looking for opportunities, sponsorship or exposure. They are looking an easiest route to gain prominence in ministry. That’s why you see most try to claim the popular man of God so that they can attract people to themselves using their spiritual father brand as a marketing tool.

Elijah didn’t invite Elisha out of his own accord, but it was God who made the relationship possible. Spiritual mentorship comes from a divine relationship, which becomes feet and it doesn’t become like a doctrine. Spiritual fatherhood is not a license into God’s calling in ministry and not everyone has to be traced from another human being.

I usually hear prophets say I’m not a spiritual orphan I have a father, that’s the highest level of ignorance and foolishness.. How can you think someone without a human mentor is an orphan? Are we not sons of God and don’t we all belong to one spiritual father which is God. Were Moses, Elijah, Paul, Abraham, David, Joseph, Samson all spiritual orphans? All these prophets didn’t have a human mentor regarding their callings. Have human mentors replaced the Holy Ghost as the mentor and nature of God’s calling? How do you think Elijah became a prophet without a known background of where he comes from?

Once you create a formula out of spiritual things, you have placed God in a box. Mentors or spiritual fathers are not license to ministry.  True ordination comes from God before the foundations of the Earth. There are those who are called the sons of the prophets and there are prophets.. Not everyone is a son of a prophet and a prophet may be without an earthly mentor but Still called to mentor others.

God raises his servants in different ways and paths. Don’t be blackmailed by the false doctrine of spiritual Fathers, you can lose your personal calling on the process.

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