Tygerberg Hospital Doctors Perform Groundbreaking Surgery on Premature Baby

Written By: Keletso Chalo

Doctors at Tygerberg Hospital managed to save a premature baby’s life after performing a groundbreaking surgery on his lungs. This was a first for South Africa to perform a operation on a premature baby.

Wyatt Hermanus  was born at the hospital on 24 March 2017 , and weighed 2kg . After his birth, he developed a narrowing of one of his airways which led to lung disease. This caused air to become trapped in the tissue outside the tubes and air sacs of the lungs.
Head of Pulmonary and Paediatric Professor Pierre Goussard said to save the baby’s life they would need to do a balloon diliation. A technique using a catheter with a inflatable balloon to widen the lung . This would assist the patient to breathe.

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