How to Become a Great Leader

Written By: Pastor Ted Msipa

Now that you have become a leader, l wish you well in your endeavors. However as one who has been in multi-faceted leadership offices, I thought you could do with a bit of leadership wisdom acquired over the years.

Leadership is much more than being an office bearer. It is much more than your popularity. For lack of a better word, allow me to say that leadership is very deep. It is not all glamour and glitz as most people would have you believe. Leadership is work and more work. It is sacrificing and more sacrificing. Leadership is not even a vocation but a calling.

Sound leadership is founded or based mainly on loving integrity. A leader must love the people he leads because his power to lead emanates from those followers. Integrity means as a leader you will operate beyond character compromising issues. A leader stands for the truth no matter the cost.

That is why as a leader one of your key friends should and must be prayer. A leader must realize that leadership is a gift from God and therefore to lead effectively a leader needs to be connected to the master leader. People are deep mysteries; they are primarily spirits, with souls which are housed in a physical body. The spiritual touch should therefore never be discarded by any serious leader.

Most people forget the great wisdom which King Solomon had. Due to human negativity, the things which most people remember about Solomon are the thousand women in his life. But the truth is that Solomon was more than a womaniser, he actually had amazing wisdom which made rulers from other countries pay homage to him. Every leader needs to ask God for wisdom, because God is the Ultimate leader, among the wise, He is the wisest and among the greats, He is the greatest. So it makes sense to tap into His reservoir of wisdom.

I have observed over the years that wisdom will help every leader manage resources better. As you manage resources better, the law of stewardship will ensure that those resources attract more resources. This is true for both physical and financial resources as it is true for human resources.

As a leader, you will do well to seek achievement over affirmation and accolades. Sometimes you will break your back and nobody will pat you at the back. That is a part of the leadership package. What has to matter for you is achieving your bottom line. At the end of the day results will never lie against you my friend. People will always remember you for the achievements and accomplishments. So make first things first and desire to be better every day as you pursue the holy grail of results than the fickle vapour of affirmation.

I trust that as leader you want to establish a lasting legacy. The key to that is very simple. You ought to refuse becoming a crab. A crab by definition is a leader who is in the regular habit of pulling other people down. You should instead understand and cherish the fact that leadership is a great privilege to shape and influence positively those around you. The way I consider leadership is that every leader’s ultimate goal is to maximise every follower’s potential or gifting for the better of the person and organisation.

Ted Msipa is a Business Strategist, Leadership Coach and Motivational Speaker.

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