Why Yesterday Still Matters

Written By: Pastor Ted Msipa

People are an interesting lot. They always come up with something juicy and controversial to explain their ideological inclinations. But such is life and its dynamics.

Some people love to say that history does not matter because it is all in the past. They argue that since we cannot change it we must not make it a part of our lives.

Allow me to categorically submit that history matters. Whether we are agreeable or not, we are all products of our past. We cannot go forward by ignoring our past but by acknowledging it and making peace with it. We all need closure with our past in order to face our future with boldness.

The past must be dealt with so that it will not disturb the future. It will not disappear because we have ignored it. The past may open some deep wounds but will heal them. A past swept under the carpet will rear its ugly head like an illegitimate pregnancy when least expected.

So the truth is that understanding the past is the nearest way to usher in a bright future. The past matters. It is my greatest teacher .It is my only proof of my true potential and an exhibition of my glaring shortcomings. It is a constant reminder of my ugly shortcomings which will help me to remain humble when my day of greatness has come.

The past is important in reminding me that l was once young and naive but am now old and wise. It is a constant reminder to my failings as a human being and my fallibility as a person. The past is my good instructor who has raw power and ruthless precision. It matters to know how not to fail.

It is a well-documented fact that it is, indeed, the past that determines the future. Therefore, love the past, enjoy the present and create the future.

Success is an attitude, let us meet at the top.

Ted Msipa is a Pastor, Success Coach, Leadership Strategist and Motivational Speaker

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