Written By: Joao-Pedro Yabala

Win or loose, life will always present us with choices we choose what the ultimate result will be , “life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster men , but sooner or later you will realize the one who wins is the one who thinks he can”

Just because he knows that he was built to out last the storm and not fall short of his victory, it is amazing what we can accomplish with the right knowledge of self.

In the fight for emancipation mentally, economically and politically in the race of life to become an achiever or a raging success the common denominator is Perseverance and courage, the mystery of not knowing when you will taste a slice of success or encounter the big break should be so great that the thought of giving up becomes a daily Nightmare.

It is amazing how loyal we become to gadgets, social media and addictions, which have no credible pay out but fail to remain loyal to our goals and dreams, our careers and aspirations which have a greater impact towards our being here on earth.

There is a relationship formed and bond created between the dreamer and his dream you marry your dream, your goal your hopes and aspirations, it’s as if you say till death do us part, through sickness and in health, through thick and thin if any situation wishes to arise against your dreams tell them sit down as they were not invited to the main event.

Take note before anything is filled it is always empty, before light it is always dark “Let there be light “even God had to call out the light, when people say their vows or say I Do it is all started with the negative “Sickness, thick” that’s because before anything thing worth living for is materialized it takes the form of a ghost a skeleton that needs to be brought back to life.

Your courage, your perseverance and persuasion on not giving up is the Aid to clothing the skeleton, when you give up you become a hypocrite to oneself, a cheat a fraud. You might be shocked as to why I would label a quitter with such harsh words, truth is by giving up you are already being mean towards yourself, remember you made a promise to yourself, your dreams, your goals that you would carry them to full term, but now you committing an abortion giving up before you reach the labour ward for one more push to the final dream, those who give up omit their commitment towards their dreams they throw all their efforts , sweat and tears all those sleepless nights into the drain ,Oh what a waste.

Giving up on yourself and all your dreams is like filing for bankruptcy while you still filthy rich, you still have it all to fight for, you can still get that mansion or University degree, that business which you have always desired, the only hurdle obstructing you from it is You, yes you, even if you going through hell Keep going as Winston Church hill said, cause if you stop in the middle of hell you will burn down to Nothing while you were created to become something to become a remarkable achiever a trend setter a history maker.

Whoever you are, a single parent, a scholar, a homeless individual or even a survivor of rape and other hateful crimes, you still alive for a reason, a mission live out your greatness not lateness, The greater picture of your life has not yet been painted ,the final chapter of your story still awaits signature and a hand of integrity ,remain Loyal to Greatness ,to your dreams and not the past hurts and sorrows ,don’t build your future in the past ,while the future is calling ,you are a permanent resident in the future.

Let’s toast to the future Yes you can, yes you will, See you there!

To 2017 And Beyond

JP The Motivator


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