A Message to the Youth: BORN TO WIN | By Pastor Ted Msipa

Does it ever occur to you my good friend that the reason why you were born is to win. You are a masterpiece of the Master. You belong to the bloodline of champions and winners. No wonder the book states that, I write unto you young people for you have overcome the wicked one.

It is clear that you were born to win, you were born to dominate and rewrite the books of history, or should I say the history books. Inside of you is the seed of greatness .Deeply embedded inside your soul is godly dominion. You are a partaker of the promises of the highest God.

You are a total package of dominion. Do not despise your youth and thing because I am young I can not do exploits. Jeremiah was a youth when he was called, David was a rogue shepherd and Mary was an unassuming teenager when she became the mother to the Messiah. So who said you need to be a 100 years in order to make a difference?

The truth of the matter is that you carry greatness in your bowels, because, Christ the King of the Universe lives inside you. Therefore by interpretation you carry the dunamis power of recreation. You words are mighty instruments of productivity. It takes you getting up and making a stand. The way I see you, is that you are a child of signs miracles and wonders. Greatness answers to your name.

I am in awe  of your potential, God has trusted you with many amazing abilities. Inside you are books which are yet to be written. Inside you are songs yet to be sung, banks and universities yet to be constructed .All it takes is a step of faith and venturing into the unknown. Doing what has never been done is what creates pioneers. Come on baby boy or girl, rise up to your call of greatness. It is good to have a dream but nothing will ever change in your world until you act upon your dream.

Success is an attitude; let us meet at the top.

Ted Msipa is the Pastor of House of Refuge Global Ministries in Maseru and Boksburg.


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