Snake Pastor Confesses to TB Joshua: “What I did was not Biblical”

Pastor Pennuel Mnguni of End Times Ministries in Pretoria, notoriously known as the “snake pastor”, has confessed that that feeding his congregants rats and snakes was not scriptural. Mnguni allegedly approached T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations for deliverance, where he admitted that his methods of healing were unbiblical.

Appearing on Emmanuel TV, the pastor told the church his arrest, as well as teachings by televangelist TB Joshua, made his realize that feeding his congregants snakes was not written in the bible.

“I started watching Emmanuel TV, listening to prophet TB Joshua, I came to realise that what I was doing was not scriptural. I came to realise that It’s an attack. I came to TB Joshua to deliver me,” Mnguni said.

The controversial preacher said it was after reading scriptures such as Mark 16:17-18 and Romans 14 that made him believe he could feed his congregants with strange items to prove the power of God.

“After my message, I demonstrated and I gave them snakes, live snakes, to eat. After that, the media all over the world, all the newspapers in South Africa, even outside the country, they were running after me, following me everywhere, even the government was attacking me,” Mnguni confessed.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals laid charges against him, but the charges were provincially withdrawn in July 2015 due to a lack of evidence. Mnguni asked TB Joshua to pray for him.

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