Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Conference – TCN Interviews Prophet Fikile Mnisi

The Christian News sat down with Prophet Fikile Mnisi, Founder of Ziadora Ministries) to talk out about the upcoming Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Conference 2017 which is taking place on the 10th of June at Emndeni North in Soweto.

TCN: Briefly tell us about yourself…

I am Prophet with a teaching gift. I have been working in ministry officially (I say officially because this is when I registered the Ministry) for over 5 years but before then I was involved in street evangelism. I am the co-founder of Ziodora Ministries which means ‘Giver of Life’ in Greek, a Greek friend of mine helped me with the translation. But the name really speak about our overall vision as a ministry.

TCN: How did the vision to host the Conference come about and what is the goal behind it?

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit started when I was young to be honest, before I knew I was called. My grandmother told me that God says I will see visions, dream dreams and also do this, be the ambassador of the Holy Spirit. She mentioned this when I was 10 years old and when I grew up and had accepted the fact that I am called into ministry God reminded me of what she said and took me to Joel 2 and there it was my entire purpose. Then I became really interested in the knowing who the Holy Spirit was, and started to listen to Pastor Benny Hinn and read his book Welcome Holy Spirit, then went to Kathryn Kulhman, then Watchman Nee, the Jeffreys Brothers and so on. So I started to dig really deep into others testimonies and listening to anything I can listen to as well as read on the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the years I have been getting vision of the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in  Africa, more especially South Africa and Ethiopia, and the Holy Spirit been poured down on us as a continent. However, 5 years back after prayer God just told me that out of everything that I will teach and do the most important kind off like my ‘thee’ massage to teach and suffer for is this massage and bringing this ‘movement’. But I didn’t know Him that well then, so I fasted 40 days and night and sort after Him. The very last day of that fast that’s when I had my intervention and everything changed for me. I was finally in the Holy of Holies not just the Holies and started to build a relationship with Him. Ever since that time I cannot have enough of Him.  A year after this intervention happened I started this conference.

The goal really is to have a generation of believers who are filled with the Holy Spirit and have a personal relationship with Him. He is all that we need! Apart from that I want to see this go all over Africa and see Africa also experience what happened in Azusa street revival and the Glory of God been revealed to the World through us. This is the preparation of the Second coming of Christ.

TCN: Since starting the conference, what has been your highlight?

The Testimonies that people write back to me and tell me how God has revived and restored them. People got jobs after some their marriages were healed, others got pregnant and some were healed, and I didn’t even lay a hand on them. But the best highlight was when an elderly pastor and his intercessors where praying where we held our Conference and they came after and told one of the Pastor’s who is a friend of mine that it reminded them of Pastor Bhengu, that was such an honor. To top it they were not even attending but the Spirit touched them. That was amazing!

TCN: Do we think that today’s Christians truly sense the need for the outpouring of the Spirit, or are we just talking about it?

That is good a question. No I don’t think today’s Christians sense there need and those that do some don’t have the patience to wait for Him, He is rather gentle and requires a lot of patience. Waiting can be tough seeing that we are too busy with our lives, preoccupied by things around us and playing church. What we do is just talk about Him and we actually truly don’t know Him at all, maybe we have lost our hunger and thirst for Him. Once you know Him you get to see these things and you don’t care about the World and its cares. For me He is a Divine Person and there is nothing we as believers can achieve without Him, without His presences I am not.

TCN: What can people expect at the conference?

WOW! To be changed, see God’s glory, restored and revived! Their lives will never be the same again, that is a guarantee.

To find out more about the conference, please feel free to contact Prophet Mnisi on mnisimf@gmail.com.


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