The Scent of a Woman

Written By: Ace Moloi

It breathes rhythm to my heartbeat. It organises the tempo of my footsteps. It sharpens the focus of my spirit. The scent of a woman in whose heart art God.

It is loud without a shout. In a soul that whimpers it whispers hope. It rises above chaos to trumpet visions of tomorrow like a prophet. The accent of a woman whose voice speaks a Godly language.

They pull down strongholds to build temples. They peel off wickedness to seal in righteousness. They are never raised against anyone but only fly high in praise. The hands of a woman who lifts God high.

They are a sieve that sifts good and evil. Not all that is aired is heard. Discerning and shrewd are their filters. The perceptive ears of a woman who knows the word of God.

It thinks thoughts of victory and not victimhood. It conquers fear with the assured authority found in Christ. It does not conform to false knowledge presented as science, for it knows God’s signs. The renewed mind of a woman with Christ as her identity – without an identity crisis.

She struts the streets in this armour of God with sexiness. As if she was born with this breastplate of righteousness. With this belt of truth that pronounces her figure. Hers is not just a handbag but a sword of the Spirit.


Ace Moloi is the author of HOLDING MY BREATH: A MEMOIR, available in bookstores nationwide. He is a graduate of the University of the Free State and practices as a marketing consultant, freelance writer and speaker. Follow him on Twitter: @Ace_Moloi


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