Christian Poem | SHE Deserves Better!

Christian Poem | She deserves better


A Christian poem Written By: Nosisa Zamajobe Sithole

She strives to look her best, to do her best and to

Be the best among many virtuous women.

She wants to leave a mark where she’s passed,

A good one, clothed with strength and dignity,

For nine months she carries life within her,

Nourishes it, sings to it, and protects it.


Stones are thrown at her each and every day;

She uses them to build strong foundations.

She has beauty and brains, with her warm heart,

She welcomes you to be part

Of the beautiful journey God has intended for her.


She has you around, she becomes selfless,

She prays, and pleads to God on your behalf

Because she cares, she loves.


She’s not sure what the future holds, but her

Faith encourages you to face another day

She deserves to be loved, protected, and cared for

To be cherished and praised, for she is more precious than rubies


You turn against her, she fears you

You bring sorrow in her life, she looks over her shoulders

Every now and then, she apologizes for your wrong doings, still she warms

Your food and prays that one day you’ll be a better man

She deserves to be respected



Nosisa Zamajobe Sithole is a poet, singer and a director who graduated in Drama Studies at the Durban University of Technology in 2017.

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