Minister Lombard Matshinge Successfully Launches DVD

Following the release of his album in August last year, gospel star Minister Lombard Matshinge successfully launched his DVD on Monday, 1 May at the Barnyard Theatre in Cresta Mall.  An event that was attended by prominent church leaders and award-winning artists, the launch was all about song ministration.

Matshinge wowed the audience on stage with vibrant praise, adding an authentic African touch to gospel. Titled Scaling New Heights, the album has been highly received by gospel fans and radio stations across Africa

“I believe Africa has a lot to offer, that is why my style is African.  I cannot be promoting Western music when I can offer people an original African style.  That is the inspiration behind my music,” said Matshinge, speaking to TCN reporter.

The energetic singer who is evidently ambitious about gospel music said people should expect more great things from him as his journey to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues.

The album was recorded at Gold Reef City, and it is packed with 22 praise and worship songs. Featured in the album are the vocal talents of TK, DK and The Psalmist. Scaling New Heights is now available on iTunes and Google Play.


  1. Well done my brother.Hezwi ndi zwavhudi Mudzimu ani shudufhadze uya phanda khamusho wena u thoma.

  2. I had a wonderful and blessed day I may not hear clearly Veda but I know what is great music the time the rhythm my goodness. Lombard is blessed with her crew. I need my own copy

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