Chief Justice Mogoeng Calls for Special Week of Prayer

Written By: Philip Rosenthal

Chief Justice Mogoeng has called for a week of prayer for the government and judiciary, saying that our rebellion against the commandments of God has made it difficult for God to prevent racism, crime, corruption and immorality from ravaging our country like locusts.

Mogoeng Mogoeng, issued the following call for South Africans to join him in a special week of prayer,  24th to the 30th of April, for government and the judiciary, with him personally leading the prayer yesterday.  Justice Mogoeng’s call to prayer forms part of 50 days of prayer, building on this Saturday’s mass prayer meeting north of
Bloemfontein, which drew somewhere a million people and numerous parallel prayer meetings at different locations throughout South Africa.

Chief Justice read the Bible from Joel chapter 2  and urged:  “The people of South Africa have been ravaged by demons of racism manifesting over the years either as colonialism and apartheid.  Crime and corruption have not left them untouched.  Greed and immorality and all manifestations of crass injustice has caused them great suffering for
centuries now.  These are the locusts we [in Joel chapter 2] have been talking about.  And they have caused untold indignity and harm to all across the racial and gender divide.  We live in a beautiful country well endowed
with natural and mineral resources.  And these belong to all the people of our country united in our diversity.”

“But it is our rebellion to the commandments of God that made it difficult
for God to prevent all these things from happening to us.  We must therefore
begin to pray in ernest so that the promises of God – the restoration in the
word we have just read – the satisfaction and freedom from shame and
indignity can be our portion”

The call for 50 days of prayer for South Africa is supported by a network of organisations ‘Intercessors for South Africa’, including the Mighty Men movement led Angus Buchan who called the recent Bloemfontein prayer meeting.


Article By Philip Rosenthal 
ChristianView Network


  1. If a man knows how to seek God ,obey God’s commandments ,then this man shall be able to lead our nation out of destruction.

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